Workshop Facilities

Ficep CNC Beam Line DDVB 1103

Drilling and sawing line for up to 1100mm sections.

  • 3 Drilling Spindles unit @ 5000rpm
  • Auto tool changer 6 positions
  • Sawing unit
  • Marking unit 36 character alpha-numeric member identification system
  • Scribing 4 sides (allows machine to scribe and draw the location of secondary members
  • hich need to be tted to main beam, eliminating any need of manual marking)
  • 12 meter in-feed and out-feed roller conveyor system
  • 6 meter in-feed and out-feed cross transfer system

Ficep P803A CNC Plate and Angle Detail Punching and Drilling

The Ficep plate duplicators eliminate the time consuming layout and hole production that is associated with the production of plate and angle detail components.

A hydraulic punching head, in conjunction with a drilling head, gives the Ficep plate duplicators the capability to process applications that require either punching or drilling.

  • Punching unit with auto tool changer 3 positions
  • Drill unit 50mm capacity
  • Automatic material handling in-out feed

Koike CNC Plasma/Oxy-Acetylene Plate Cutting Machine

  • Cutting table 3600mm x 12,000mm.
  • 1no. 280 Amp plasma unit 38mm thickness capacity.
  • Marking unit .
  • 2nos. oxy-acetylene cutting units 200mm capacity.

Corimpex TC-MD 2000/1000 CNC Beam Welding Line

  • Automated WEB to FLANGE assembly.
  • SAW Twin arc welding process.
  • Beam capacity WEB 2000mm – FLANGE 1000mm.
  • Max weight 2000kg/meter – maximum length 12 meters.
  • Type of beams welding H-I-L-Wide Flange – Tapered - Non Symmetrical.
  • 12 meter in-feed and out-feed conveyors.
  • Full automation centering and post-deformation with touch screen interface.